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Share interactive price pages with prospects in meetings

Become a better value seller

Stop saying “I’ll come back to you later on this one”. Pitch features, capabilities & the value together with price in one simple overview.

Be better at selling value

Avoid the discount trap. Share prices together with the capabilities they unlock to focus on the business outcome with interactive pricing pages.

Be smarter at explaining prices

Be stronger at pitching the value

Share secure price link with prospects in couple of clicks

Don’t share a 10-page proposals. Nobody reads them anyway.

Improve your prospects' buying journey

Be straight to the point with sharp offers

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Features Overview

Secured access

You decide who shares the offer to who. Set-up secured password to access the offer for higher security feeling.

Shareable links

Share secured price links with your prospects. They can navigate through them in autonomy. Allow them to easily share internally to align their buyer commitee.

Editable layout

Create your own company layout for your offers. Make sure that they are in line with your brand guidelines.

Price display

Control when to show price to your prospects. You can hide price first, enabling your prospects to focus on the value and make them appear afterwards.

Price calculation

 Define whether you want to price per month, per year, or define another unit price.

Add images & links

Add visual elements like images or video’s to explain your services, features & add-ons. Help your sales team with sales collateral right when they need it.

Generate quote

Create quotes in a couple of clicks, without struggling with line items. Even allow your prospects to create quotes by themselves for better and faster buying journey.


Sign quotes in just one click. An in-house signing solution is provided, otherwise you can connect it to your e-signature solution as well.


Optimise the buyer journey by creating several tabs to help your prospect understand better your offering and the value you provide.

What our customers say

"The advantage with Givemefive is that you can quickly set up an offer
and share it with the prospect, without spending to much time
on configuring the price or building up a presentation."

Benjamin Meunier, Head of Sales at Penbox

Givemefive gives a unique and flexible packaging and pricing experience for C-level executives and operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I define the guardrails of how salesreps personalise their offers?

Yes you can! We give you the option to define discount rules, discount capping (e. g. they cannot give more than 20% max), features or services they can or cannot offer, ...

Can anybody have access to a Givemefive offer?

Givemefive offers are secured. Thus, when you're sending an offer to a prospect, he is the only who can access. Also, you can decide to set a password for higher security level.

Do I get notified if a prospect opens the Givemefive offer?

Yes, you get a real-time notification. Those notifications can be synced to Slack and /or your email, so you get notified whenever a prospect opens the link of the offer, plays with it, or creates a quote.

Does the Givemefive offer syncs back to my CRM?

Yes, up to line items level. Therefore reporting can be set-up correctly.

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