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Get insights about how
buyers interact
with offers

Know what pricing & packaging they like. React fast with notifications (via mail or Slack). Accelerate your deals with a personalized follow up.

Share sales offers with prospects in just one click

Stop sharing multiple quotes with different prices. Give them one sales offer where they can check their option on their time.

Share offers to your prospects in one click

Don't wait too long to share offers with your prospects

Close deals better with a personalised follow up

Know exactly which pricing option they prefer. Follow up smarter to close more deals.

Understand your propsects' willingness to pay

Get real time smart insights

Know when and how to react

Use buyers’ interactions with your offer to pace your sales cycle. Discover what they opened your offer, what they liked, how they navigated through it… So when your salesreps follow up, they’ll follow up differently!

Improve your prospect's buying journey

Get access to smart interactions reports

Sneak peek
Features Overview

Notification management

Manage who shall be notified by the interactions of your prospect with the offer.

Slack integration

Push notifications to the next level by integrating them to your Slack.

Expiration date

Set-up expiration date to each of your offer, to make sure that your offers don’t stay active for too long. This will enable you to review your pricing strategy without struggling with outdated prices shared with prospects. Get notified when a prospect wants to access to an offer.

Pipeline tracking

See your offer move automatically throughout your sales pipeline, with synchronized changed status.

Real time notifications

Get notified in real time when a prospect is accessing your offer. Know when, how many times and what has been reviewed on your offer.


Optimise the buyer journey by creating several tabs to help your prospect understand better your offering and the value you provide.

What our customers say

"With interactive offers, I can better judge the willingness to pay.
The biggest impact would be to increase trust with prospects
which has a direct impact on the closing rate and the amount we can generate. "

Morgann Dawance, CEO of Leadix

Givemefive gives a unique and flexible packaging and pricing experience for C-level executives and operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get notified if a prospect opens the Givemefive offer?

Yes, you get a real-time notification. Those notifications can be synced to Slack and /or your email, so you get notified whenever a prospect opens the link of the offer, plays with it, or creates a quote.

Can I manage who receives the notifications?

For each offer, you can manage who shall be notified: from salespeople, to sales leaders, to other teams.

Can I automate other notifications channels?

You can easily automate notifications being pushed through Slack, or create further automations with Zappier or Make.

Give it a try!

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