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Know exactly how to optimize your pricing & packaging strategy

With our buyer analytics insights

Don’t leave money on the table. Get data-driven insights

Don’t leave money on the table.

Maximize deal size without sacrificing deal conversion. Use data-driven insights to iterate better on your pricing & packaging strategy.

Maximize your deal size for higher revenue

Make data-driven and smart decisions

Don’t be blind

Adapt your pricing upon real market insights.
‍Don’t just settle with a good enough pricing.

Use your own market insights

Crack the willingness to pay

Sneak peek
Features Overview

Shareable links

Share secured price links with your prospects. They can navigate through them in autonomy. Allow them to easily share internally to align their buyer commitee.

Interactions reports

Receive reports on your offers’ performance (on the basis you want: monthly, quarterly, yearly). You can review how your prospects have played with your offer and understand how your packaging and pricing strategy is perceived and if you need to make adjustements.

Value price map

The VPM is an advanced analytical tool tailored specifically for pricing offers. It provides a comprehensive visual representation of the correlation between customer perceived value and proposed pricing strategies.

Pricing schemes visualization

Get an instant visual representation of you pricing schemes - to quickly see if your strategy is cohesive and relevant, or identify quick-wins to adjust your packaging and pricing strategy.


Optimise the buyer journey by creating several tabs to help your prospect understand better your offering and the value you provide.

What our customers say

"We were discussing a lot about pricing
and Givemefive helped us greatly on structuring the approach
on how to price and package the value."

Emile Fyon, CEO of Penbox

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get additional service to understand better the insights?

Of course, at Givemefive we provide expert services in pricing and packaging, to make sure that you get the best recommendations and improvements for your pricing.

Who defines the pricing & packaging of the Givemefive price configurator?

Typically, Sales Leadership & RevOps are in charge. Yet, we can give specific access to anyone in your team who shall be involved.

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