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An interactive price calculator
tailored to your unique case

Simplify price conversations for your complex offerings

We have a complex offering with many price variables, calculations & bundles that we keep track off in Excel. Can you handle this?

Of course, that's exactly what Givemefive is for! Givemefive enables you to get rid of your Excel sheets. We’ve handled the most complex price grids, discount policies, dependancies, add-ons, features & bundles that you can imagine. This is our bread & butter! Your sales team will love it.

We don't have the resources internally to spent time on configuration & set-up but we know it's important. Can you help with this?

No problem at all! Just send us your pricing grid, Excel Sheets, PowerPoints, or else, and we take the time to implement them, within 48 hours.

Do you have a Offering Builder that I can use myself?

Absolutely! Usually, our Customer Success team is in charge of implementing your model and making modifications, at the speed of light. YET, if you prefer to be more autonomous, you can be onboarded and trained to use our Offering Builder. Thus, you'll be able to make modifications on your own, whenever you want, as many time as you want! We’re also launching our freemium product to do exactly that. Subscribe here for the waiting list.

We're unsure of our packaging and pricing strategy, could you help on that?

Definitely! We started years ago as a pricing consultancy company. We decided to built a Saas product with that expertise to fill a gap in the market. We still do a lot of bootcamps to align on B2B packaging and pricing strategies. Because after all, it’s Software-as-a-SERVICE, right?

Do you integrate with our CRM?

Of course we do. Otherwise salesteams would hate us :-) We currently integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and MS Dynamics. Connection between Givemefive and your CRM is SUPER easy & done in few minutes. In just a couple of clicks, Givemefive and your CRM are connected and synchronized, and you can easily start using Givemefive directly from your CRM's interface.