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Givemefive connects with your existing tech stack.

Create, share & track your Givemefive sales offers without leaving your CRM. Use our webhook, Zapier & Make to create your own workflows. Get paid with our Stripe integrations. Sign deals with our Docusign integrations for compliant eSignature.

Embed Givemefive in your CRM. Your salesteam will love you for that

Connect Givemefive seamlessly with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive & MS Dynamics. Don’t leave your CRM to create sales offers in seconds.

Save precious time on admin tasks

Scale your sales operations

From pitch-to-quote, to quote-to-cash with our Stripe integration

Get quotes sign, invoiced & paid in a couple of clicks.

Reinvent your pitch-to-quote process

Streamline and synchronized offers and quote information

Go crazy with Webhook & API

Do it yourself, or just ask our customer success team to support your with that. Build workflows that fit your tech stack.

Connect to your operations stacks in a few clicks

Unlock further possibilities with webhook and API

Sneak peek
Features Overview

Synchronized quotes

Attach signed quotes automatically within your CRM.

Deal stage rules

Trigger deal stage conversion based on how your prospects interact with your Givemefive Sales Offers.

Sync line items

Sync back information from your Givemefive Sales Offer right into your Hubspot deals. Line Items, prices & discount… etc. Keep your CRM reportin in check!


Optimise the buyer journey by creating several tabs to help your prospect understand better your offering and the value you provide.

What our customers say

"It's all link to the CRM so it's really easy to create offers.
You don't have to go from one platform to another,
you can just create your offers from one centralized place."

Dylan Mendes, Founder and CEO of We Are Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Givemefive offer syncs back to my CRM?

Yes, up to line items level. Therefore reporting can be set-up correctly.

For which kind of company is your solution tailored?

Givemefive Solution is crafted for B2B companies with subscription-based or recurring business models. Givemefive is tailored for:
• Solution: such as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Marketplaces, App, etc.
• Product: you’re selling connected objects with a software or a product, and shifting from traditional selling to a subscription-based model.
• Professional services: you're offering services as a subscription-based model.
• Combination of Solution/Product/Professional Services: you've adopted a hybrid business model and you're offering Solution/Product + Services, and you're combining recurring and one-off.

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