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Create your pricing
& packaging strategy with our easy-to-use configurator

With our easy to use configurator

Iterate faster without the hassle. So you don't change prices only every 2 years. And you don't leave money on the table.

Implement an agile pricing & packaging strategy

Stop changes price every 2 years and leave money on the table. Align teams faster, play and iterate about your pricing and packaging more often.

Align with your team around packaging and pricing

Play & iterate about pricing & packaging more often

Customize pricing per market and / or segment without the hassle.

Make sure your packs, prices and offers are always on point. Your sellers will love it!

Be accurate for each of your target

Save time and boost your performance

Sneak peek
Features Overview

Pricing schemes visualization

Get an instant visual representation of you pricing schemes - to quickly see if your strategy is cohesive and relevant, or identify quick-wins to adjust your packaging and pricing strategy.

Manage bundles

Create, tailor and adjust your packaging as you please. Create smart bundles that your team can easily replicate without making errors.

Currencies & tax management

Easily and effortlessly manage varied currencies and Tax. Very practical when you’re targeting many markets.

Value price map

The VPM is an advanced analytical tool tailored specifically for pricing offers. It provides a comprehensive visual representation of the correlation between customer perceived value and proposed pricing strategies.

Price metrics

Set-up and manage with no efforts different price metrics: recurring, non-recurring, volume-based,…

Offer library

Create templates of offers, with specific price, discounts, attributes, bundling,… that your team can easily use and replicate. Very practical when you’re targeting many markets and/or have to manage several customer segments.

Package dependencies

Create dependencies between attributes and / or rules, to make sure that no more mistakes are made (e.g. block the access to certain pack above a number of users).

Discount rules

Get access to predefined models of discounts, while being able to adapt them specifically to your use case: volume discount, temporary discounts,…


Optimise the buyer journey by creating several tabs to help your prospect understand better your offering and the value you provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who defines the pricing & packging of Givemefive price configurator?

Typically, Sales Leadership & RevOps are in charge. Yet, we can give specific access to anyone in your team who shall be involved.

Can I define the guardrails of how salesreps personalize their offers?

Yes you can! We give you the option to define discount rules, discount capping (e. g. they cannot give more than 20% max), features or services they can or cannot offer, ...

Can I get additional service to guide me through the configuration?

Of course!
If you want to make changes on your own: you can get a dedicated onboarding and training.
If you want for us to make the changes on your behalf: you can use your credits and we'll be happy apply modifications.
If you want expert support to guide you on the best pricing and packaging strategy, we can provide deeper help!

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