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Tailor made offers with guardrails that you set

By using Givemefive offer customizer

Stop wasting time on creating custom proposals. Avoid internal meetings to get approval. Spend more time selling.

Create personalized offers in seconds. Not hours.

Standardize how your salesreps can personalize offers in a couple of clicks.
Set discount rules & define commercial gifts that your salesreps can use. Tit for tat!

Define guardrails for your team

Set smart rules to save time

Sneak peek
Features Overview

Highlight packs

Recommend the best pack directly in the offer. Make your offer personal, thus you show that you care about your prospect's needs.

Interactive elements

Make your offers visually attractive. Make them easy to digest and add a personal touch. Create dropdowns, toggles, input fields, recommendations fields, …

Commercial gifts

Give your salesteam smart flexibility on what commercial gifts can be given to accelerate deals. Allow them to offer feature(s) or service(s), so other key metrics are not discounted.

Simplified views

Let your sales reps select key lines in the offers to create a simplified view for prospects that don’t want too many details.

Price calculation

Define whether you want to price per month, per year, or define another unit price.

Lock of features

Lock certain price metrics like number of users, add-on(s), service(s) to reduce decision fatigue of your prospect. Help them make decisions faster.

Personalized sales content

Add attachments, client logo and write an introductory text. Make your prospect feel special and show you care.


Optimise the buyer journey by creating several tabs to help your prospect understand better your offering and the value you provide.

What our customers say

"Building an offer in five minutes is a game changer for me!"

Nathan Trompet, Business Developper

Givemefive gives a unique and flexible packaging and pricing experience for C-level executives and operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For which kind of company is your solution tailored?

Givemefive Solution is crafted for B2B companies with subscription-based or recurring business models. Givemefive is tailored for:
• Solution: such as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Marketplaces, App, etc.
• Product: you’re selling connected objects with a software or a product, and shifting from traditional selling to a subscription-based model.
• Professional services: you're offering services as a subscription-based model.
• Combination of Solution/Product/Professional Services: you've adopted a hybrid business model and you're offering Solution/Product + Services, and you're combining recurring and one-off.

Can I define the guardails of how salesrep personalize their offers?

Yes you can! We give you the option to define discount rules, discount capping (e. g. they cannot give more than 20% max), features or services they can or cannot offer,...

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