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Use and download guides and tools

Be better with your pricing strategy and tactics!

The ultimate cheat sheet about discounts!
Dedicated to Sales Leaders.

Discover the best practices for mastering discounts policy.
Make sure you're using the right discounts for your unique case, to achieve greater results while staying in control of the margin.
Should you put your prices on your website?
75% of B2B SaaS companies don't show their pricing online.

Putting your prices online can be either a great idea or a terrible one... and it really depends on your unique case!
Take the test to discover whether or not you shall do it.
Discount calculation made super easy!
Discount is a HUGE part of the sales process, especially during the negotiation phase. But discounts shall not be given randomly to anybody and sacrifice the margin at the end...

With this Excel Sheet, you can easily create and calculate the discounts rules you're wishing to apply on your pricing.
How to measure your customers price sensitivity?
Even in B2B, it's possible to measure your customers' price sensitivity.

Of course, it's not possible for all the cases (big deals, long sales process, multiple decision-makers) but for the other cases, we advise you the Van Westendorp technique. It's both easy and complicated to use. Easy because it's only 4 questions, complicated because there are many traps in which not to fall.

We've made a guide to master the technique (from designing, finding respondants and analyzing) and provide real questionnaire templates.