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Imagine a powerful system streamlining value, packaging and pricing across your organization.
We provide expertise and an innovative offer configurator, crafted for B2B companies embracing recurring business models.

Seamlessly integrated with your BESTIES

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Capture the revenue your company deserves by mastering agility in packaging and pricing

Boost your ARR and LTV/CAC ratio
with packaging and pricing optimization*.
*based on analysis conducted by Chargebee on 734 B2B companies.

But mastering agile packaging and pricing is a dual and endless challenge


Price the value

It's a multi-dimensional puzzle that requires expertise

⚡Team alignment
Involved key stakeholders often have different objectives and constraints. It leads to tensions, status quo or negative impacts.

⚡Value proposition evolution
Every company launch regularly new features or services that have to find there place in an existing offering.

⚡Customers' diversity
Every customer is different. It’s a headache to deal with a diversity of value perception and price sensitivity and find the right balance.


Capture the revenue

Any package or price change can be a nightmare for operations

⚡Team adaptability
RevOps, salesreps and AE might resist or struggle to adopt those changes.

⚡Tools & documents update
Pricing is everywhere (Excel sheets, code, CRM, sales deck, quote or contract system, etc.), but not seamlessly interconnected.

We unveil new capabilities to overcome some of your key challenges

We provide...


Our experts solve multi-dimensional puzzle e-ve-ry-day, by always working with key stakeholders.

They’ll help you to find the optimal packaging and pricing in record time, and they'll coach your sales team.

We provide...

Innovative offer configurator

We make your sales people perform at their best level, with less effort.

Our solution is an innovative offer configurator with a smart pricing calculator seamlessly integrated in your sales stack.

They're experiencing positive impacts with Givemefive

Givemefive gives a unique and flexible packaging and pricing experience for C-level executives and operations.

"Our profit per client doubled in just 6 months! And we were able to identify immediate and significant quick wins with our existing customers."

Samuel Manassé

CEO of Yavin

"We were able to sell our solution 3 times its original price, in just 1 week!"

Ludwig Dumont

CEO of Willow

"In just a quarter, we were able to almost double our average annual contract value for some segments!"

Pierre Galerneau

CEO of Diag n'Grow

"We decided to use Givemefive within just three minutes. It was a no-brainer, especially considering that we were about to allocate internal resources to the topic."

Dominique Adriansens

CEO of Twikey

"Givemefive has enabled us to penetrate new markets with greater efficiency and confidence."

Jean-Michel Verhulst

CEO of Trigrr

"Ever since we started working with Givemefive, our team has become more agile and better aligned on packaging and pricing topics."

Thomas Goubau

CEO of Q7Leader

"Partnering with Givemefive brings peace of mind. They are a trustworthy partner, making it simpler for us to rely on them than to handle it internally."

Emile Fyon

CEO of Penbox

"The #1 tool to create customized offer in record time! Givemefive allows flexibility and quick customization of offers, leading to higher sales performance and stronger conversion rate."

Dylan Mendes

CEO of Usights

"With Givemefive, we've been able to unlock and streamline new collaboration possibilities with resellers."

Diego De Bruyne

Head of Business Development of Recovr

"Givemefive has revolutionized our sales process. Admin tasks now take significantly less time: we've reduced the time spent on creating offers by 75%, allowing us to dedicate more hours to acquisition!"

Alex Schouleur

CSO of Leadix

"With Givemefive, we have eliminated the tedious back-and-forth discussions with our customers about pricing. Now, prices are transparent, and vary based on their needs, ensuring a perfect match every time. Our sales team and resellers have saved time, and our customers benefit from a smoother buying experience"



Our impacts can go up to...


Sales cycle length




Conversion rate


on average deal size


on LTV/CAC ratio