an efficient offerings configurator

a powerful pricing configurator

an efficient offerings configurator

Empower your sales team, transform your prospects‘ buying experience and collect valuable insights.
Higher conversion rates, increased contract values, shorter sales cycles. Ready?
Crafted for B2B companies with recurring business models.

Seamlessly integrated with your CRM

Entrusted by companies that GIVE US Five   for impacting their growth


Capture the revenue your company deserves: convince more prospects, close deals faster

B2B buyers are changing the sales rules:
pushing towards value-selling and aiming at straight to the point processes.

B2B buyers want a simpler and faster purchasing process

B2B buyers are influenced by personalized sales material

Reasons why you’re missing deals with qualified prospects

Value & price communication

⚡ Lack of clarity
⚡ Pricing hard to understand
⚡ Lack of consistency


⚡ Not being understood
⚡ No alignment upon their needs
⚡ Mismatch between value & price

Efficiency & speed

⚡ Too long to get a price
⚡ Too many back-and-forth
⚡ Lack of reactivity

You experience those frustrations?

The challenges of maximizing perceived value for a rich value proposition

Many value elements
A solution is often made of a set of features and/or various types of services (set up, onboarding, support, etc.). Some are recurring elements and others are one-shot elements. It's not easy to present all of this to each prospect and it can be even more challenging when new features or services emerge regularly.
Value packaging
Whether everything is customized for each customer, semi-customized (with add-ons) or bundled, value packaging motion can be a headache for salespeople and prospects.
Pricing model
Pricing consists of unit and time metrics (e.g., per month or per year), reference prices, degressivity rules, discount sets. Sometimes, it's a combination of recurring and one-time elements. Communicating about a budget in a clear manner can be very challenging.

Sounds familiar?

Our innovative offer configurator unveils new capabilities for sales operations

Be insanely clear and efficient
Salespeople can now talk about the budget while they talk about the solution or services in an optimal way: a way that eases their work and pleases the prospect.
From offer to quote
Reduce infinite back-and-forth between salespeople and prospect and eliminate admin work. Givemefive transforms an offer into a detailed, clear and complete quote in 1 click.
Perceived value and price sensitivity
With Givemefive, B2B buyers engage more with the offer. They express more what is important for them and on which elements of the pricing they are sensitive. Give new powers to your salespeople.
Facilitate upsells & cross-sells
If your salespeople have to level up their game in upselling and cross-selling, Givemefive is the solution they need. Customers will now easily accept the improvement of an existing deal.

Perceptible impacts in no time




The modern and agile solution to boost your sales performance

Go for the extra-mile: let the frictions behind and capture more revenue!
Are the key stakeholders involved in value packaging and pricing models struggling? Do you need efficient external help?

They're experiencing positive impacts with Givemefive

Givemefive gives a unique and flexible packaging and pricing experience for C-level executives and operations.

"Our profit per client doubled in just 6 months! And we were able to identify immediate and significant quick wins with our existing customers."

Samuel Manassé

CEO of Yavin

"We were able to sell our solution 3 times its original price, in just 1 week!"

Ludwig Dumont

CEO of Willow

"In just a quarter, we were able to almost double our average annual contract value for some segments!"

Pierre Galerneau

CEO of Diag n'Grow

"Creating and configuring offers is a peace of mind with Givemefive! It's highly flexible, and working with such an agile solution will allow to give more autonomy to prospects and gain their trust!"

Clarisse Berrebi

CEO of EtherFirm

"We decided to use Givemefive within just three minutes. It was a no-brainer, especially considering that we were about to allocate internal resources to the topic."

Dominique Adriansens

CEO of Twikey

"Givemefive has enabled us to penetrate new markets with greater efficiency and confidence."

Jean-Michel Verhulst

CEO of Trigrr

"Ever since we started working with Givemefive, our team has become more agile and better aligned on packaging and pricing topics."

Thomas Goubau

CEO of Q7Leader

"Partnering with Givemefive brings peace of mind. They are a trustworthy partner, making it simpler for us to rely on them than to handle it internally."

Emile Fyon

CEO of Penbox

"The #1 tool to create customized offer in record time! Givemefive allows flexibility and quick customization of offers, leading to higher sales performance and stronger conversion rate."

"With Givemefive, we've been able to unlock and streamline new collaboration possibilities with resellers."

"Givemefive has revolutionized our sales process. Admin tasks now take significantly less time: we've reduced the time spent on creating offers by 75%, allowing us to dedicate more hours to acquisition!"

Alex Schouleur

CSO of Leadix

"With Givemefive, we have eliminated the tedious back-and-forth discussions with our customers about pricing. Now, prices are transparent, and vary based on their needs, ensuring a perfect match every time. Our sales team and resellers have saved time, and our customers benefit from a smoother buying experience"



Our impacts can go up to...

on conversion rate

on average deal size

on upselling & cross-selling

on sales cycle length

on customer acquisition cost

on CLV/CAC ratio


For which kind of company is it?

Givemefive Solution is crafted for B2B companies with recurring business models, such as SaaS, Professional services, PaaS, Marketplaces, etc.

My pricing is way to complex and my value proposition is way too rich... It will never fit in your solution!

Regarding pricing complexity: Givemefive is able to manage highly complex pricing models, with recurring and non-recurring elements, combination of unit and time metrics, with degressivity rules, discounts schemes, and so on... Send us your price list, and we'll make it work!

Regarding value proposition intensity: Givemefive enables you to better structure your value proposition and display your value elements in the most optimal way. To add further details, you can use tool tips or links to attach presentations or videos.

Is it mandatory to start with your services in order to use your solution?

Not at all! If the combination of both services + solution works perfectly, they are fully independent. Besides, if you don't think it's the number 1 priority or if you're convinced that your packaging and pricing strategy is fine as is, you can directly start using our SaaS!
Fun fact: 75% of our customers implemented the solution and got impact without having asked for expert services or having done a bootcamp!

How fast can our Givemefive workspace be ready?

Your workspace can be ready and connected to your CRM within 1 day, given that you provide us with all the required information (your current price list, your latest sales deck, your company logo, examples of quotes you've sent in the past, etc.)

We don't have the time for setting up our price models nor updating them. Can you do it?

Our awesome Customer Success team is at your full disposal to set-up your price models for the first time, but also update them whenever you need to. Within 15 min (during work-hours) you can expect your request to be treated and changes to be implemented.

Can we connect your solution to our existing sales stack?

Givemefive is seamlessly connected to your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive) - therefore you can create impressive and customized offers without leaving your CRM. Besides, data collected from your prospects interactions with the offers are automatically synchronized with your CRM.

How soon can we expect a Return On Investment (ROI)?

You can expect a Return On Investment (ROI):
- at the earliest: as soon as we implement your pricing model(s) in your workspace
- on average: within 1 month
- at the latest: within 6 months (after a few back-and-forth brainstorming with our Customer Success team to provide the most optimized model(s))