Group Workshops: our go-to solution for coninual improvments

5 hours to refine your packaging & pricing

You want to get tips and tricks to crack some pieces of your puzzle? Learn from experts and other similar companies with this efficient format made of 2 online group sessions and 1 individual session.

Do you recognize yourself here?

You want to increase the revenue of your company and you know that there is a potential somewhere in repackaging and reviewing your pricing models?
You recognize the importance of packaging and pricing, but tackling them on your own is challenging due to a lack of expertise.
You're already racing against time, and you can't afford to tie up key team members for hours on end. You need an efficient coaching approach.
You greatly value group dynamics and enjoy engaging with companies similar to yours to get valuable feedback, specific case studies and best practices.
You are deeply involved into the packaging and pricing strategy and you're wishing for a major improvement?

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Don't want to struggle anymore?

Join a cohort!
Unlock your company's revenue potential through packaging and pricing strategies in our Small Group Workshop, designed for CEOs seeking efficient coaching and collective expertise.

How it works?

3 Online Sessions
2 x 2h
group sessions
(max. 8 people)
+ 1h
individual coaching

2 Experts
Work with 2 experts in packaging and pricing with 12 years of experience

1 Price
990€ for the 5 hours

What to expect?

Receive advise on how to deal with your team to implement the recommendations

Small Group Synergy
Benefit from a small group dynamic: experience sharing, Q&A, diverse use cases,...

Get access to an offer templates' library for more inspiration

Knowledge transfer
Methodologies on recurring business models packaging & pricing

Incoming Group Workshops

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Sessions agenda:

Current cohorts

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Group #1
1st session: 20/10/2023 (fully booked)

Group #2
1st session: 10/11/2023 (fully booked)

Group #3
1st session: 24/11/2023 (4 seats left)

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Average satisfaction score given by participants.

What the attendees said

"With Givemefive, we have eliminated the tedious back-and-forth discussions with our customers about pricing. Now, prices are transparent, and vary based on their needs, ensuring a perfect match every time. Our sales team and resellers have saved time, and our customers benefit from a smoother buying experience"

"It was beyond my expectations! They operate at an impressive level."

"Come with an open mind and be ready to be surprised!"

"It was really mind-blowing to see how everything made sense at the end of the workshop!"

Our impacts can go up to...


on conversion rate


on average deal size


on upselling & cross-selling


on sales cycle length


on customer acquisition cost


on LTV/CAC ratio