Price the value, capture the revenue!
Have you experienced the challenges of Sarah and John?
As a CEO, Sarah has to make the company grow by balancing value creation and revenue capturing.
As a CFO, John helps Sarah to set growth goals but also set budget constraints.
Unfortunately, they have to deal with many people and tools challenges.
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to get the revenue your company
it's essential to put the right price
on the
Value packaging and pricing is a never-ending puzzle to solve with your team
• Your company consistently creates more value (through updated features or services).
• You keep serving existing customers while chasing new customers.

• Is the team in charge of pricing experienced enough and do they have the right approach?
• How can you align key stakeholders on packaging and pricing decisions?

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your job is to be sure that the company
spends the money on the right things.
With our innovative offer configurator, seamlessly integrated in the company's sales stack, you can reach a double impact : more revenue, at lower cost!
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We know that your company and your context are unique

We know that every company is unique and we don’t believe that one size fits all!
However, our proven methodology and solution could solve the puzzle of very unique companies so why not yours?
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We've impacted their growth

"With Givemefive, we have eliminated the tedious back-and-forth discussions with our customers about pricing. Now, prices are transparent, and vary based on their needs, ensuring a perfect match every time. Our sales team and resellers have saved time, and our customers benefit from a smoother buying experience"



"Our profit per client doubled in just 6 months! And we were able to identify immediate and significant quick wins with our existing customers."

Samuel Manassé

CEO of Yavin

"We were able to sell our solution 3 times its original price, in just 1 week!"

Ludwig Dumont

CEO of Willow

"In just a quarter, we were able to almost double our average annual contract value for some segments!"

Pierre Galerneau

CEO of Diag n''Grow

"We decided to use Givemefive within just three minutes. It was a no-brainer, especially considering that we were about to allocate internal resources to the topic."

Dominique Adriansens

CEO of Twikey

"Givemefive has enabled us to penetrate new markets with greater efficiency and confidence."

Jean-Michel Verhulst

CEO of Trigrr

"Ever since we started working with Givemefive, our team has become more agile and better aligned on packaging and pricing topics."

Thomas Goubau

CEO of Q7Leader

"Partnering with Givemefive brings peace of mind. They are a trustworthy partner, making it simpler for us to rely on them than to handle it internally."

Emile Fyon

CEO of Penbox

Our impacts can go up to...


on conversion rate


on average deal size


on upselling & cross-selling


on sales cycle length


on customer acquisition cost


on CLV/CAC ratio