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Our solution is an innovative offer configurator with a smart pricing calculator seamlessly integrated in your sales stack.

Our SaaS solution allows C-level to aim at more revenue with their packaging and pricing strategy.

Our SaaS solution increases sales teams performance at their best level with less effort.

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Easily manage your packaging & pricing strategy
Givemefive enables C-level to master packaging pricing strategy and allows sales team to pitch and share a dynamic offer configurator that has a smart pricing calculator (able to manage complex packaging and pricing models).
Frame to create a rule that will be used on template offer. There is many configurable tools.
Value Price Map of differents packs. There is Call To Action button to optimize each pack price.
Improve strategic decisions of C-level executives with smart recommendations
Givemefive boosts pricing strategies and tactics by providing smart offering and pricing recommendations, for better financial forecast, product development, marketing & market research.
Track your prospects' behaviour with real time notifications
Givemefive allows you to track the interactions with your offers and measure smartly and continuously clients’ value perception and price sensitivity.
Tailor custom offers in a record time
Each customer has different characteristics, needs and « price » sensitivity. With Givemefive, you are able to tailor custom offers to your customers’ expectations (for acquisition or retention).

Discover how our solution boosts performance!

Our impacts can go up to...


on conversion rate


on average deal size


on upselling & cross-selling


on sales cycle length


on customer acquisition cost


on CLV/CAC ratio


Is it mandatory to start with your services in order to use your solution?

Not at all! If the combination of both services + solution works perfectly, they are fully independent. Besides, if you don't think it's the number 1 priority or if you're convinced that your packaging and pricing strategy is fine as is, you can directly start using our SaaS!

How fast can our Givemefive workspace be ready?

Your workspace can be ready andconnected to your CRM within 1 day, given that you provide us with all the required information (your current price list, your latest sales deck, your company logo, examples of quotes you've sent in the past, etc.)

How soon can we expect a Return On Investment (ROI)?

You can expect a Return On Investment (ROI):
- at the earliest: as soon as we implement your pricing model(s) in your workspace
- on average: within 1 month
- at the latest: within 6 months (after a few back-and-forth brainstorming with our Customer Success team to provide the most optimized model(s))