Exclusive Group Workshop: a win-win for companies and their investors!

A group format for portfolio's of funds, accelerators,...

We are aware that packaging and pricing is crucial to ensure growth and scale. We partner with VCs, funds, incubators, accelerators to provide Group Workshops for companies of their portfolio.

Do you recognize yourself here?

From board meetings to board meetings, packaging and pricing is a key recurring topic, yet you don't notice major improvements.
You are aware of how crucial packaging and pricing is, you're convinced that it should be one of the main focus of companies from your portfolio, but they're not spending that much time and effort on that topic.
You know that mastering packaging and pricing strategy requires a specific expertise, and companies from your portfolio lack of knowledge and struggle to tackle the issue on their own. 
You are very much aware of the butterfly effect that pricing adjustments may have on ARR, KPI (such as CAC, CLV, churn,...) and consequently on the overall valuation of the company!
As an operating manager or investment manager, you have a role to play here!

They trust us

Finance brussels
Finance brussels
Exclusive Group Workshop
Bring the companies from your portfolio to the next level with an exclusive group workshop on packaging and pricing. 

We don't believe that one size fits all, and we understand that every case is unique! We tailor the workshop upon their specific needs, contexts and challenges.

How ?

Exclusive Group Workshop
Half a day dedicated to several companies from your portfolio

Working with equipped and passionate experts in packaging and pricing

Balanced topics, from strategy to tactics, including operations/implementation

Case studies
Relevant benchmark of 1000 B2B companies with recurring business models

What ?

Learn by doing
Hands-on exercises and contextualization

Group dynamic
Live use cases, experience sharing, Q&A.

Tailored advices for immediate results.

Initiation to powerful tools to continue exploring.


Exclusive Group Workshops already given!


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Many diamonds on the floor

Exclusive Group Workshop: your best ally as operating manager or investment manager

Boost the performance, growth and valuation of your portfolio!

We are their trusted partners

"With Givemefive, we have eliminated the tedious back-and-forth discussions with our customers about pricing. Now, prices are transparent, and vary based on their needs, ensuring a perfect match every time. Our sales team and resellers have saved time, and our customers benefit from a smoother buying experience"



"Givemefive is a game-changer for B2B companies that are looking for organic growth with both short and long terms impacts."

"Givemefive is the best asset for B2B companies with recurring business models, as they provide an impressive solution combined with an expert-methodology to tackle packaging and pricing definition/optimization."

"Givemefive enables B2B companies to dive deep into the packaging and pricing struggle! With their solution, they don't stay at the surface (unlike other tools on the market) - as they operate at a certain level of complexity. With their expert services, they provide CEOs the right methodology for continual pricing review."

"We are proud to support such and innovative tech solution! Defining and implementing the optimal pricing strategy is always a struggle. Being equipped with Givemefive is crucial, as pricing is key to continue growing!"

"Since 4 years, Givemefive is our exclusive partner helping all startups of our portfolio. Their workshops are unique and impactful."

“The workshop was impressive. Startups are approaching us withpackaging and pricing challenges, and we’re trusting Givemefive to help them.”

“Laurent-David Hostyn conducted very well a very impressive workshop for our B2B companies with a recurring business model (mostly B2B SaaS).”

Our impacts can go up to...


on conversion rate


on average deal size


on upselling & cross-selling


on sales cycle length


on customer acquisition cost


on CLV/CAC ratio