Convert more opportunities, faster and get higher CLV*, with less effort

*Customer Lifetime Value
The Givemefive solution has multiple significant impacts on salespeople performance and on RevOps team’s workload. Benefits can be seen in a few weeks.

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You reach higher revenue

Higher conversion rate

+10% to +100%

Higher deal size & annual contract value

+10% to +300%

More up sells & cross-sells

+10% to +25%

Smarter down sells & mitigated risk of churn

+10% to +50%

You deploy less effort

Shorter sales cycle

-10% to -25%

Lower cost of acquisition

-10% to -50%

Sneak peek for RevOps...

Ready to use solution
Stop developing and maintaining your own in-house tool - which requires resources, efforts, and experience.

Centralized information
Stop worrying about tools & documents containing pricing-related information, as you can now centralize them.

Flexibility in your systems
Stop tricking your packages and pricing model(s) to fit into your CPQ, CRM, billing system, ...

Sneak peek for Sales team...

Experience smoother sales cycle (from qualifying the lead to pitching the offer) with customized packaging, pricing and offering.

+10% to +75%

Experience much less back-and-forth with your prospects

-25% to -80%

Spend less time on preparing and updating on offer

-25% to -90%

Experience much less internal back-and-forth in the creation of an offer or its update(s)

-25% to -90%

Spend less time on admin stuff - such as converting a proposal into a quote then a contract

-10% to -100%

Spend less time updating important deal information in the CRM (status, amount of the deal,...)

-25% to -100%

"Our profit per client doubled in less than 6 months!"

Samuel Manassé

CEO of Yavin

Many diamonds on the floor

Boost your organization's performance!

Higher ARR*.
Higher CLV/CAC** ratio.

*ARR = Annual Recurring Revenue
** CLV = Life Time Value
     CAC = Customer Acquisition Costs